The Fashion House Collection

This latest range of silk scarves was inspired by Megan’s Illustrated Book ‘Fashion House’. Four of Megans favorite Interiors and fashion Icons have been re created for this special collection. The range includes: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor.

 The Escape Collection

This range was inspired by adventures in both travel and fashion. Each scarf design is very intricate in its details. Women dressed in McQueen couture, race through the streets of Paris in her black and white scarf; and women draped over flowers wearing delicate lace for ‘The Garden of Versailles’ scarf.

‘The Italian Riviera’ is a turquoise blue scarf, inspired by the glittering waters of Portofino and San Remo. The warm burnt orange and deep chocolate of ‘The African Safari’ depicts elegant women wearing jeweled turbans travelling gracefully through Africa on zebras and giraffes. 

Each scarf is 100% silk twill with hand rolled edges and measure 90cm x 90cm. Hand made in Italy.